Growing In Grace

Growing In Grace

In January 2022, we launched a congregational effort to be Growing in Grace.

Sermons related to the effort are embedded below, and we would encourage you to check them out to learn more.

Watch the introduction to our Growing In Grace effort (starts at 16:28):


Why are we seeking to Grow in Grace?

The last two years have been marked by isolation and alienation – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Pandemic precautions caused a lot of it. Heated debates about other social and political issues drove it further. Having these discussions on social media only made it worse.

We must do something to confront this, because we know that Isolated or Alienated Christians are Not Growing Christians.

We need each other, and this is especially true for those of us struggling with temptation or hardship. This is a big reason God gave us the church: to bear one another’s burdens as we all strive to walk the narrow way.

Here’s the catch: we cannot bear someone’s burden if we don’t know of it, and we often don’t hear of it because people don’t feel safe to share.

How do we overcome this? By growing a culture of grace in the church, where people feel comfortable sharing their struggles because they know they will be met with understanding, support, and Biblical teaching delivered in loving relationship.

Growing in Grace is a congregational effort to challenge ourselves to grow in our understanding and application of grace. To help us draw closer together and lift-up those who struggle with things that might leave them isolated or alienated from the rest of the congregation. In many respects and for many brethren, the DH church does this well. But we’ve also known examples of brethren who have felt left behind in their time of need.

Does the emphasis on grace mean we will compromise truth?

Some struggles are circumstantial and others relate to temptations or sin. We must never overlook or minimize sin. Rather, we must remember that we have all sinned and would be lost but for the grace of God and the blood of Christ (Eph. 2:1-10). Some suggest truth and grace are somehow opposed to one another - that we must choose either/or. But grace IS truth. We are commanded to treat others with love, compassion, understanding, and patience. Jesus Christ modelled these attitudes in the way he treated others, especially sinners. We will stand firm for the truth while loving and walking with those who are struggling with sin but seeking to obey God.

What are we hoping to achieve with the Growing in Grace effort?

How will we learn to Grow in Grace?

The focus on grace will be developed through 4 stages focusing on the doctrine of grace, attitudes of grace, practicing and applying grace, and finally providing help for specific struggles. Stages 1-3 will be the focus of adult classes during our Bible study periods on Sundays and Wednesdays. Stage 4 will be conducted as in-home studies hosted by our members later in 2022.


How do I learn more about the Growing in Grace effort?

Contact us at or reach out directly to Wyatt Taylor at 


Growing in Grace Adult Bible Class Curriculum:

Truthful - The Doctrine of Grace

  • Lesson 1: It Wasn't Supposed to Be This Way
  • Lesson 2: The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin
  • Lesson 3: The God Who Wouldn't Let Go
  • Lesson 4: The Price Paid
  • Lesson 5: Salvation by Grace
  • Lesson 6: Extending Grace to Others

Graceful - Attitudes of a Christ Follower

  • Lesson 7: Growing in Grace
  • Lesson 8: Grace Begins with Gratitude
  • Lesson 9: Grace Reaches
  • Lesson 10: Grace Accepts
  • Lesson 11: Grace Comforts
  • Lesson 12: Grace Encourages
  • Lesson 13: Grace Embodied in Jesus' Life & Teachings

Skillful - Applying and Practicing Grace

  • Lesson 14: What Does It Look Like to Grow in Grace?
  • Lesson 15: Loving ("I'm here for you")
  • Lesson 16: Looking ("I see you")
  • Lesson 17: Listening ("I hear you")
  • Lesson 18: Learning ("I understand you")
  • Lesson 19: Lifting ("You belong here")
  • Lesson 20: Leading ("I'll be with you")
  • Lesson 21: Dealing with Conflict
  • Lesson 22: Confidentiality
  • Lesson 23: Boundaries & Limits
  • Lesson 24: Preparing Yourself to Struggle
  • Lesson 25: Review & Next Steps


Growing in Grace series: The Doctrine of Grace, David Norfleet (starts at 28:48):


Growing in Grace series: Hearts of Grace, Mark McCrary (starts at 36:00):


Growing in Grace series: Applying & Practicing Grace, Matt Hennecke (starts at 19:26):