Correspondence Course

Correspondence Course

Thank you for your interest in learning about God and the Bible through our video correspondence course, The Journey. This series is available FREE of charge. Play the video below for a brief overview of the series, and then get started with the first video and questions.





1. The Bible (5 videos, total run time of 26:06)

2. The God of the Bible (2 videos, total run time of 24:35)

3. The Story of the Gospel (2 videos, total run time of 31:35)

4. Heaven and Hell (2 videos, total run time of 22:19)

5. What Must I Do To Be Saved? (2 videos, total run time of 25:09)



Watch the videos and then complete the questions below the video, including your contact information before you submit. One of our teachers will be in contact to provide feedback on your responses and provide you with additional resources. 

If you are in the Louisville, Kentucky, area, we would love to meet you in person. Please visit us at one of our worship services.


THE BIBLE (Part 1)