Bible Study Resources

Bible Study Resources

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6)

Teaching is a vital part of the lives of the Douglass Hills church. It is only through instruction that man can find his true Creator, how to approach Him, and most importantly of all, how to please Him.

It is for that reason the Douglass Hills church of Christ takes teaching very seriously. Our singing is conducted in order to praise God and encourage one another, but also to teach as well.

Two times on Sunday, sermons are delivered that are firmly based in scripture. “Book, chapter and verse” are cited so those who listen can compare what is said to their own Bibles. Bibles are available for those who couldn't bring one. Also, verses cited in sermons are often displayed on large video screens for all to see. We strive to make certain all of our teachings agree with God's word, not human opinions.

On Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, small, age-appropriate classes are conducted. These classes often allow for more interaction and discussion in topical or textual studies.