Current Bible Classes

Current Bible Classes


Aside from the teaching that takes place in our gatherings, we normally meet two times a week for various age-assorted classes. Our classes from two years old to junior high are going through a curriculum called “Our Spiritual Heritage.” Our high school class is designed to promote discussion. Finally, our adult classes include both topical classes and a systematic study of the Bible.


Adult Bible Class Schedule - 2nd Quarter, 2024:



Romans (Jordan Harris)

A Relationship with God (Brock Henry)

Set Apart: What God Has Set Apart, Aside, Sanctified, or Chosen for Special Purposes (Chad Scott)

20 Somethings Class: Christians & Culture (Wyatt Taylor)



Exodus (David Norfleet)

Old Testament Survey Part 2: After the United Kingdom (Harold Bratton)

​​​​​​Thus Says the Lord: A Study of Biblical Authority (Bob Darnell)

Angels and Created Spiritual Beings (Gary Watson)


"Our Spiritual Heritage" Curriculum for Children's Classes

This curriculum emphasizes God’s wisdom, power and love for mankind. It is used in teaching our children in grades K-8. In our classrooms and our homes, we are learning about God’s great plan for us and how to better praise, honor and serve our Creator.

This material is designed to teach children that:

  • The world around us shows God's wisdom and power.
  • God is great at light and water and life and bread.
  • The Bible demonstrates that God is the Hero of History: God is great and God is good. He wins the battles.
  • God makes families (physical and spiritual) and cares for them. He helps travelers who travel toward Him.
  • God makes eyes. We can see Him in creation and in His Word.
  • God chose to make us great. We can choose to cooperate with Him.
  • All people and nations fall, but I can change because of Jesus Christ.
  • God loves good and hates evil. I should too.