Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


*** Special Announcement Regarding In-Person Worship Services [Updated 4/3/2021] ***

In-Building Services have resumed, along with Bible Classes. Sunday worship times: 9 AM & 11 AM.

Visitors are welcome at any service.

Details of Current In-Person Worship Services and Bible Studies:
I. Two Sunday services:
    A. 9 am: temperatures checked at entry, masks required, social distancing.
    B. 11 am: temperatures checked at entry, masks requested, NO social distancing.

II. Sunday morning services will last 1 hour.

III. Sunday morning classes from 10:10- 10:50.
    A. Brethren from both the 9 and 11 am services will meet at the same time. Masks will be required for all in the building.
    B. Children’s classes (ages 2-HS) will be moved to larger classrooms to allow for social distancing. These classes will no longer be Zoomed.
    C. One Adult class in the auditorium.
        1. The auditorium will allow for 100-120 with social-distancing.
        2. Adult class will be live-streamed rather than Zoomed.

IV. Wednesday night adult and children’s classes.
    A. Same procedure as the Sunday morning classes


We will continue to livestream Sunday morning services at 9:00 AM & 11:00 AM. Livestream is available at www.youtube.com/douglasshillschurchofchrist.


We are also making Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening classes available via livestream on YouTube and Facebook.

Our goal in this is to protect our family members and do everything we can to help stop the spread of the CoVid-19 virus in our church, community, and world.


Ongoing Events

Ladies Bible Study (weekly), Thursday @ 10:00 am (Spring and Fall) 

Prayer service (monthly)

Give us a call at 502-245-0573 if you have any questions! 


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