Mental and Emotional Health

Mental and Emotional Health


Are you, or someone you love, suffering from ... Depression? Addiction? Emotional Hurt?

Below are lessons from the 33rd annual Middletown Bible Forum, which discuss how God can provide healing.


2019 Middletown Bible Forum - February 24-27, 2019, Art Adams

Mr. Adams is a licensed clinical social worker, licensed clinical addictions counselor, Certified Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor – level 4. He is Executive Director of Leaving the Pit Behind, a nonprofit organization facilitated by Christians to address problems and lifestyles among fellow Christians which require in-depth counseling and guidance.



  • Learn how to replace the spirit of fear with peace in the storms of life.
  • Lesson starts about 44:40
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  • Learn how to break its grip by calculated planning and follow through.
  • Lesson starts about 21:24
  • PowerPoint File



  • Learn how to navigate the dark days in a biblical way as a step toward better things.
  • PowerPoint File


Coping with Substance Addiction

  • Learn how to get on the healing path to reclaim your life and family.
  • PowerPoint File


Finding Marital Harmony

  • Learn how to develop the basis for marital health and peace.
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