Youth Forum Lessons 2016

Youth Forum Lessons 2016

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend or someone who just loves young people, EVERYONE will be encouraged by this series of Bible lessons!

Young people are asking a lot of questions as they try to figure out life– and they need the right answers. This special series of Bible lessons will give relevant and practical answers to many questions young people ask.


Session #1: What Would It Be Like to Have Coffee With Jesus?  By Mark Roberts


Session #2: How Am I Going to Find the Right One to Marry?  By Mark Roberts


Session #3: Why Can't My Church Be More Cool and Trendy?  By Mark Roberts


Session #4: Why Jesus?  By Roger Shouse


Session #5: Do You Really Think God Created Everything?  By Roger Shouse


Session #6: What Have I Learned?  By Roger Shouse


Session #7: Why Do I Have To Be So Different?  By Mark McCrary


Session #8: What's the Point?  By Tristan Ganchero